These African Migrants Risk Everything In the Hope For a Better Life

By Anne Cacherell The pursuit for more favorable living conditions and possible opportunities are sometimes what motivate people to overcome fear and face real danger. This 2-minute video features African migrants in their perilous journey across the lawless Sahara. Stuffed in the back of a Toyota pick-up truck, these migrants had to withstand the dunes of…

This Gives Street Art a Whole New Meaning

By Richard K. Noots Julien de Casabianca is a man with a vision. He wants to bring the art stuck inside stuffy, old museums, and bring it out to the streets where everyone can see it! Now, before you go thinking about your Thomas Crowne joke, Julien has a different idea. Anyone can do it,…

Italy and Greece Pass the Baton

Italy and Greece pass the baton to the technocrats, but does it really matter at this point?

As we start this trading week, we’ve seen a change in the governments of both Greece and Italy, as the rule of the technocrats is now upon us. They can make the hard decisions that politicians can’t seem to, but it is a bitter pill for the citizens of those countries to swallow. The bigger problem, and one that is complex and not easy to solve, will be social unrest.

If Slovakia votes no, stocks tank tomorrow

This morning I was reading that there are approximately 3.2 million job openings here in the United States. With more than 14 million people out of work in this country, how can we possibly have 3.2 million job openings still not filled?