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Fish Oils to the Rescue

It’s been approximately 16 months since I last had my blood tested and I just got my test results back today.

Everything checks out A-ok. Last time my HDL numbers were a little low, so I took a fish oil supplement which brought my HDL up nicely into a cardio protective range.

If I didn’t get my blood tested last year I wouldn’t have known that my HDL was low. I didn’t make any big dietary or lifestyle change, I simply added some fish oil and continued doing whatever else I was doing from an exercise and diet standpoint.

So what’s the point?

Are you healthy or afraid to find out?

I’ve just returned from having my blood taken for my yearly checkup thingy. Blood pressure and heart rate are in a good position and in a ‘fit’ category.

There’s no reason to worry.

Next is to see what the blood work looks like. Everything last year looked good so we’ll see what things look like this year.

While I was at the clinic I was chatting with the nurse and we ended up talking about people who don’t go for a physical because they simply don’t want to know if there is anything wrong or outside of the normal range.