So You Want To Start A Blog? 2 Basic Rules To Follow

Image by: Valerie Everett By Tony Melino So you want to start a blog, you say? Well… There are 2 major yet basic rules when it comes to creating a blog. Rule #1: Know Your Topic The first question I ask anyone; that tells me they want to start a blog, is what their topic…

3 Ways To Increase Traffic For Older Blog Posts

Whether you are an avid blogger, understand SEO, and know how to boost traffic for your new blog posts; or if you are a hobby blogger and looking to bring more traffic to your site to boost your revenue.

Blogging Tips – How to Increase Your Blog Readership With “Stylized Blogging”?

There are numerous blogging secrets that bloggers should take advantage of. One of these blogging secrets involves stylized blogging. When writing a blog there are two main approaches that bloggers take. Many bloggers will write what are considered to be professional blog entries. These types of blog posts generally come off as professionally written entries and don’t include any personal information.

Is it REALLY Possible to Make Money From Your Blog?

There is no denying the fact that you can make money from your blog. Every day people just like you are generating various amounts of income from nothing more than blogging. All you have to do is come up with a unique idea for your blog that you are sure will gain attention from readers.

Blogging Secrets – Why You Need to Focus Your Blog on Just One Topic

The more focused and centered that your blog is, the more effective and popular that it will be. This is one of the best blogging secrets that you are ever going to encounter. If you want to create and run a successful blog, then you must create a niche centric blog. If your blog does not have a focus and covers multiple niches and topics, then chances are that you will lose your core readership.

Blogging Secrets – 3 Surefire Tips to Propel Your Blog to the Top of the Search Engines

Most blog writers and owners are looking for blogging secrets that reveal how to be ranked higher in search engines, and how they can garner more web traffic. The good news is that these blogging secrets are very easy to obtain and a few of them are featured below. Each of these tips has been used to the betterment and success of many blogs who jumped to the top of search engine results in their niche with a little tweaking.