Syd not Only Has Sandwiches, He Has A Lot of Heart As Well!

By Richard k. Noots

Small businesses are the heart of America. Although they’re fading in the background behind the Walmarts and McDonald’s of the world, they still help their communities in lots of ways. Syd, the proprietor of the sandwich shop seen above, is located in Brooklyn. It’s not the best neighborhood, but that doesn’t bother Syd. What’s important is supporting the people that live around him. With that in mind, it seems his friends and neighbors are all equally inspired. Have you considered opening your own business?

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  1. Tomas says:

    Great idea and the food looks yummy! It’s too bad the financial backer walked away. Is it too difficult for him to get a loan from a bank to start making changes to his restaurant? There must be some kind of financial avenue for him to take as a small business.

  2. Acerspades says:

    I could live off steak sandwiches, so this business is one I would support if it was in my neighborhood. Actually, watching this has made me realise I could do more shopping locally. I like his attitude, and wish him every success for the future.

  3. Patrick says:

    Small eateries in your neighborhood are usually always the best. Good prices and an owner who knows everyone can’t be beat in my opinion. I want a steak sandwich now!

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