Sting Never Had This in Mind: A Real Message in a Bottle

By Richard K. Noots

When it comes to the day we decide to pop the question, we all have our own little fantasies. It’s one of the most romantic moments in any couple’s life, and some people take great strides to make it as memorable as possible. Simplicity is always key. Like this couple. She thought she was just in for another beautiful day at the beach. The next thing she knows, a Castaway-like message comes through, and everyone begins to hold their breath …

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  1. Scott says:

    Well that’s all very sweet, but am I the only one who would worry about someone walking off with the bottle before we walked up? It’d be my luck to accidentally leave it below the high tide line too.

  2. 67Pete says:

    I love the idea, but I hear you. The ocean is a very unpredictable force and I would be terrified of losing the ring in the process. One thing is for sure, any women would love this happening to them, that is if it is with a guy they actually want to marry.

  3. Leith38 says:

    That was really nice and they will be able to remember this for the rest of their lives. I had a neighbor that recently got married and they did the whole video proposal thing. I never did this since social media wasn’t as big when I got married, but we did have engagement photos done.

  4. Darren_Z says:

    I wish I had been as creative as this guy when I proposed. I love my wife dearly and I wanted it to be a special occasion for us, but I guess I was too nervous to tap into my creative streak.

  5. Richardthelyonharted says:

    Yeah Darren_Z, me too. I adore my wife, but the closest I got to being romantic was proposing on New Year`s Eve. I didn`t do anything special, just asked her, haha. I`m really glad that she still said yes. I feel like women these days are getting really worked up over how they get asked…

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