So, You Want To Understand Women? This Might Be Your Only Hope!

By Richard K. Noots

OK, let me start off by saying that understanding women is impossible. I know the title of the article led you here, but let’s be honest … No one understands women. Not even other women. Think about all of the crazy stuff you’ve seen happen with women … Can you think of a reason why that happened? It’s because there never was a reason! Women are crazy, I tell you! Craz-

Welcome to Understanding Women 101! Below you’ll find some amusing pictures that will help you understand the differences of sexes. Please refrain from saying women are crazy, or else you might end up like the man in the above paragraph.

Heard that before.
heard dat before

I usually get number 4.
i usually get nubmer four

Ignoring them works …
ignoring them works

makes sense

I never realized this until I began dating seriously.
never realized this tell i dated seriously


They were never seen again.
never seen again

Silence is golden.
silence is golden

So small!
so small

Why did I not see this earlier?!
why did i not see this earlier

You don’t even like Kung Fu!
you dont even like kung fu

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