If You Need Some Reassurance that You’re On the Right Path, Here’s 4 Signs Success Is In Your Blood

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By Alvin Martin

While some millionaires are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, some are self-made. I believe that the latter are the ones that really get the most respect. Well, unfortunately, I am not a millionaire myself but I am happy that I have some few friends whose rags to riches stories inspire me to work hard and be better each and every day.

My friend Maynard is a single dad of 2 kids. He left his job of 8 years to do something that challenged him. In less than a year, he earned his first million selling frozen Dim Sums and franchising small food carts. Troy, my classmate from high school, was never one of the brightest students, but he’s now a mayor of one of the richest cities in my home country. And one of my best friends Brian, used to work for a call center and do modelling on the side to support his education. Last week, he called to tell me about his plans of buying his own island.  Apparently, being a financial director and single at the same time can make someone really, really rich!

But you know what I like most about them? Even though they have all those material things in their life right now, they remained humble. They stayed grounded and never forgot where they started. Guys, I hope their stories inspire you, give you hope and encourage you to persevere.

Here are indicators that help you realize when you’re actually doing pretty great in life and that you’re on the right path towards attaining your goals.

You Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve

You know exactly what you want in life. Though it’s easier to stay stuck in your comfort zone, you will still choose to go out there, take risks, fight through all the obstacles to go where you want to be and search for that something that will make you feel the way you want to feel.

Also, you’re not scared to walk away from people who don’t treat you right and don’t care enough about you because you know that they’re not worth your time. You shouldn’t put up with someone who doesn’t see your worth.

The problem with most people is that they settle for mediocrity for the convenience of it, especially in relationships. Many would choose to stay with partners even though they’re unhappy either because they’re scared of change or just too lazy to create their own happiness or go for something that they truly desire.

Man, if your partner is showing these signs, it’s time to let go. Instead, find someone who will be proud to introduce you to her friends, value your commitment, make an effort to make you feel special, and feel comfortable in making long-term plans with you.

You Are Wild

And I don’t mean the noisy and uncultured wild. It’s more of being bold and daring in life. You are determined to get what you want, you are not afraid to question things; you are capable of being happy even when you’re all by yourself and you have the ability to rise above your fears.

Here are other complex and paradoxical traits of successful people:

• Passionate yet critical
• Objective, but can generate ideas and questions that have no solid right or wrong answers
• Can make working on a hard task appear smooth, easy and fun
• Like to work and play
• Humble enough to admit that they don’t know it all and that they didn’t achieve success all on their own, yet proud enough to take pride in their work

You Are Open For Self-Improvement

Continuous improvement of your knowledge, skills and mind power are essential in achieving your fullest potential and in making positive changes in all aspects of your life. It increases your confidence level by helping you defeat negative thoughts such as self-doubts and insecurities. It leads you to new opportunities and encourages you to become a better version of yourself. To put it simply, seeking self-growth is the core of success.

And speaking of personal development, writer Gretchen Lidicker shares this simple practice that can increase your sense of well-being, lower your risk of acquiring diseases in the long-term, heal you from a stressful event, and help you set a wonderful tone for your day.

You Believe that You Are Greater Than Any Obstacle In Your Life

People who don’t believe in their own skills and competence tend to miss a lot of opportunities in their life. When you are too shy to voice your opinion, too afraid to deal with conflicts, too naïve to be easily influenced by others and too weak to give up on your dreams before you have hardly started, you’re setting yourself up for failure and sabotaging your goals.

Guys, your faith in yourself allows you to rise up every time you fall and reach your full potential. It drives you to start new things, stand up for your happiness, and conquer your limits.

To help you master self-confidence, writer Johnson Kee suggests using the Bridge Hack technique.

By doing this strategy, you will be able to create a connection between who you are and who you want to become so that you can come up with actionable steps to go where you want to be.

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