She Thought She Was In a Music Video, But Her Boyfriend Had Other Intentions

By Jack Day

When Sam Maccarone decided to propose to the women he has loved since they two of them were 10-years-old, he knew he couldn’t just wing it. Even though the love he and his long time girlfriend Jessica Burzichelli have runs deep, Sam wanted to make sure the moment was very special.

So he enlisted the help of some of his cousins and friends to create a unique music video featuring an unsuspecting Jessica.  In the video he expresses his love for her and then pops the question.

Watch the video to see the elaborate planning that Sam put into his sneaky proposal. Did she say yes? Watch and find out!

What do you think of this guy’s efforts? Would you go to such lengths for the woman you love? Or did you do something even bigger? Please tell us your stories and share this awesome one with your friends and family.

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