See Why After Years Of Dedication, This Man Just Gave His Life’s Work Away For Free

By Jack Day

The name Julius Sweetland will forever be associated with hard work that has a selfless purpose. The reason is because Sweetland spent four years working to create OptiKey, a program to give people with limited or no motor abilities an easier and cheaper pathway to communicate. And by easier I mean they control a computer using their eyes and by cheaper I mean free.

Sweetland was motivated to complete his project because of the unjust financial burdens that medical companies use to entrench suffering patients.

“OptiKey was written to challenge the outrageously expensive, unreliable and difficult to use AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) products on the market,” Sweetland said. “It is, therefore, fully open-source and free. Forever.”

Ever since his story went viral people have been trying to give him money for his efforts, but he refuses payment of any kind. Instead Sweetland has set up a crowdfunding page for donors whose contributions will go to fund cancer research in the UK.

If you want to learn more about OptiKey visit Sweetland’s page at GitHub, where you can download the program yourself for free of course.

Wow, what a guy!  He dedicates years of his life to create an amazing program to help people and then gives it away for free!  Then he diverts any donations to cancer research.  That’s the kind of stuff that helps to reaffirm that the world has not gone to hell.  What do you have to say about Sweetland and Optikey?  Have you downloaded it yet and tried it out?  Please leave your comments and share this awesome story with your friends and family!

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