Remember That Smithsonian Photo Competition? We’ve Got More Here!

By Richard K. Noots

A couple weeks ago, we at Danjur did a spread on the competition at the Smithsonian for World’s Best Picture. Now, we have some of the finalists here (and another article coming up exclusively about one finalist!) showing their mettle. Vote for your favorite in the comments, and will have our own competition here! I think they’re all pretty amazing, but that one with the snake takes the cake, agreed?

Assassin’s Creed
assassins creed

Canoe Boundary
canoa boundary

Evil Dead
evil dead

Rising Iguana
green ignuana

Mobula Rays
mobula rays


Sewing a Fishing Net
sewing fishing net

This snake is so happy.
snake is happy

This really put out the fire.
this really put out the fire

Vicuna is the name of this animal, I think.

Look at that cute guy!
wave seal pup

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