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Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer

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Are you looking for the best tummy shapewear?


One Size Fits All



The waist trainer wrap has only one size, and the one size fits all body types. This bandage wrap is 13.1 ft long and 4.9 inches wide, it will snatch your waist freely, and you can adjust the tightness as you want.


Slim Your Waist Easily



It is designed with segmented Velcro. It is more flexible and adjustable than others, and a wide bandage can cover your stomach and slim your waist easily. It is made of breathable and elastic polyester and natural latex. Excellent flexibility and it can firmly flatten your abdomen and smooth out backrolls.





This waist trainer can smooth your abdomen, and create an hourglass figure, it can also reduce your waistline, support your back, and improve posture.  This wrap is also good for postpartum recovery. You can wear it in gyms, offices, and yoga studios, and nobody will notice you wear a seamless waist trainer.


Product Information

Material: 65%Polyester/30%Latex



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kayleah Tornincasa

This waist trainer is everything I thought it would be. It helps to accentuate my waist as well as condition my posture.

Demelza Ecclestone

Honestly I was so nervous to buy this because… I haven’t had the best relationship with shapewear BUT THIS OMG!!!! I’m a uk size 18 and it snatches me up to the gods !! You just have to figure out how to adjust it to yourself and boom amazing asf

Honour Herbertson

I like the length of it for adjustments.
Not only did I use it as a waist trainer I fell asleep on my recliner and the way that I fell asleep my back was not supported so I woke-up with pain in my lower back. I used the waist trainer as a brace for my lower back and kept it on all day and overnight and by the next day my back was good to go and I was able to wear my high heels.

Konstantin Cingolani

I wanted something to support me after my delivery and I finally found this one. I love the support it gives my back but it bends after time using it. I tried to unbend it but it seems to be permanent; I will attempt to wash it and see if that works.

Clémentine Dubois

Sure worth buying,have tried it on,with two or three attempts l got the right way l want the fitting to be,will get it again