People May Say Soccer Sucks, But at Least It’s Helping World Peace

By Charlie DeWitts

Didier Drogba is a soccer player who never had trouble helping his team win games. But he wanted more than that. Didier comes from a small country called the Ivory Coast in Africa, and they were a little war-torn. At a World Cup game however, Didier urged the respective parties to come to a truce and to be more reasonable in their actions. In a surprising turn of events, people actually listened. No wonder why this guy is a hero in his homeland.

Some of the local rebels.
Some of the local rebels.

Ze French in ze Countri!
Ze French!

He begged them to cease fire.
He begged for them to lay down arms

A hero in his land.

But still finds time to score goals.
beating MAdagascar

The Flame of Peace signalling the new Truce.
Flame of peace

It’s wedged in a neat spot.
Ivory Coast

The juxtaposition is strong with this one.
Nailin' goals

And they were very much needed.
not exactly a meme

Peace Ceremony, 2007
peace ceremony 2007

Five years after …
played five years later

Perhaps the Detroit Lions could take a lesson.

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  1. Scott says:

    I don’t follow soccer, but I have to say, he’s an inspiring guy. It’s always cool to see people using their money and influence to make the world a better place.

  2. jestert123 says:

    This a great story. I am not a huge soccer fan, but I know more than your average American and I have always been a fan of the World Cup. By the way I have watched Didier Drogba play many times and he is a great player – among the best.

  3. TimJF09 says:

    I also have watched him play and he is a great player and you have to give him a lot of credit because it would be so much easier to just sit back and enjoy his millions.

  4. Johnson60 says:

    I’m not a soccer fan, either, but these are the stories I like to see when it comes to athletes and celebrities. I don’t necessarily agree with wealth distribution, but I do think when someone has more fortune than they know what to do with, they should be using some of it to help others.

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