One Lady Has Finally Offered To Translate The Meaning of Girl’s Snapchats!

By Richard K. Noots

let’s face it, we’ve all wondered why women post certain pictures on any medium, especially Snapchat. Why do women say they don’t like being oogled, yet post pictures of clevage or wear yoga pants? Well, my son, some of your questions will finally be answered by a woman herself: Holly CarpenterShe has decided to cross enemy lines and give away their secrets. I warn you, some of these pictures might change your prospective on your lady. Venture forward at your own risk.

She’s a liar, is what she is.

Oops …

I guess the puppy is cute.
puppie cute


I’ve seen this so many times!
seen this sooo many times

Single and ready to … Wait … What was it?

So good!
so good

Where’s the focal point?
wheres the focal point

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