One Gesture at The NFC Championship Game Changed This Dad’s View of Football Forever

Image by: Paul Joseph
By Jack Day

A few weeks ago when the Packers lost to the Seahawks in Seattle, I was elated as a Bears fan.  Anytime your teams’ biggest rival chokes in a meaningful game it should bring joy to your heart.  Then I was poking around the internet and I found this letter a father wrote and posted to Craigslist.  He and his son are Packers fans and went to the NFC Championship game as a way to lift the little boys spirits since his best friend and family dog passed away recently.  A small thing happened near the end of the game that would change football for the dad forever.  It also seemed to help the boy cope with his grief.  I couldn’t help but share the letter with you guys, and you don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate it.

“First of all what a great game yesterday. Both teams had their ups and downs and as a Packer fan I must say the end was not what I expected. The reason I am posting today is to let others know of the kindness shared to my 10 year old son by a 12 year old girl from Seattle at the game .


My son lost his best friend in the world last week after a short illness. He grew up with Boo from about one year old. Boo was my son’s dog, his best friend, the one who played with him, shared most all home meals with him and loved him no matter what.


I was lost as how to help him heal, and out of nowhere a dear friend offered us two tickets to the game in Seattle. I got the tickets, bought the plane tickets and told my son. He was very excited and for a minute seemed to be doing better.


Off we went and boy what a great time we had. Seattle is such a wonderful city and to see our much loved Packers play could it get any better. Sunday arrived and off we went to the game. Great seats, loud, exciting, nothing better then this I thought.
We were seated next to a large family of Seattle fans so what joy we were having kidding them as our Packers run off to a lead. My son was sitting right next to a young girl of 12. They talked and seemed to be having a great time.


Well we all know that the Packers played a great game but a win was not to be had. After Seattle scored in overtime I noticed the young girl was crying and still sitting in her seat. Her father talked to her and gave her a hug. When we were leaving I asked the father if the girl was crying for joy by the win and to my shock he told me no, she was crying because she wanted the Packers to win because she knew my son had lost his dog and she thought he needed this more then she did. I kept this to myself on the flight home.


While my son was having our dinner meal he looked at me and said he was glad that Seattle had won. I was surprised and ask him why. He looked at me and told me the girl sitting next to him had lost her cat to a dog attack only the day before and he wanted her to have something to help her feel better.


Football will never be the same to me. So Thank You Seattle for the great game, and Thank You God for putting so much love for others to these two young people. Wishing Seattle only the very best but know the Pack Will Be Back!!!!!!!!”

It is stories of human connection like this that make me feel  all good about the world.  What did you think of the father’s letter?  Have you ever had an experience like this?  It is a very cathartic response the boy had; his team lost, but it made someone else happy. He sacrificed his own joy for the sake of others, but that was the reward.   Powerful stuff, and inspiring too! 

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