One Camper Decided to Make His OWN RV

By Richard K. Noots

We all love the occasional road trip, but stopping for hotels, renting RVs or just plain-old sleeping in your vehicle can be a huge detractor from doing one. However, you could just follow this guy’s advice. He decided to make his own camper shell, which has plenty of storage, bed space and room for snacks! It’s quite amazing how much easier things can be (not to mention cheaper) when you cut out the middle man and handle the job yourself, am I right?

Starts off looking like nothing …
1 basic frame

But a frame begins to take shape.
2 beginning construction

Starting on the interior.
3 starting interior

Make sure you add insulation!
4 dont forget insulation

Fresh coat of paint.
5 fresh coat


Time to add storage.
6 time to add

A nice bed to go with.
8 a nice bed to go with

More space than you think.
9 more space

Snacks are available!
10 snacks available

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