Old McDonald Had a Farm, But It Was Nothing Like This Technological Playground

By Jack Day

Allow us to give you a taste of the future, farm style. It is without a doubt in my mind that personal robots will be as common as cell phones within 10 years. If you don’t agree just watch this quick video on how far the farming industry has come thanks to technology upgrades. Like robots who not only milk cows, but can detect the natural rhythms of them using sensors that can tell whether or not she is sick or pregnant. When there is a problem the machine texts the farmer and compiles all the data on every cow into a computer that can be accessed from a cell phone. You got Moo Mail.

It’s not just the milking process that has received a machine makeover, but just about every area of farming that you can think of. Pruner bots, harvester bots, feeder bots, planter bots, stocker bots, the list gets longer each year. What has the impact been? On farms like the ones in the video, it has tremendously reduced staff, while creating a much more efficient way to operate a farm. Bad for workers, good for farmers.

Every where you look nowadays there is the long arm of technology reaching out to make things better. But, that also comes at a cost of human wages. So goes the ebb and flow of our world. What do you think about the impending era of a robotic world? Do you think we are still light years away from a planet dominated by worker bots? Or is the Matrix already here and it starts with farms? Please share your thoughts on the video and share this article with your friends and family!

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