Now that It’s Over, Here’s the Most Important Lesson Super Bowl 50 Can Teach You About Your Business

Image by: Jim G
By John Cace

As I watched Super Bowl 50 unfold last night, I had the same thought I always do during a big sporting event. How bummed out must the other teams’ players and fans be? You could see the frustration in Cam Newton’s face in the last ten minutes and almost feel the pressure that was closing in on him as time slipped away.

You hear everyone’s stories and get so wrapped up in everything, you forget that someone has to lose. It’s a lot like the way things work with business, relationships, and anything else you strive for in life. Except, there is no off season for you my friend.

  • Want people to listen to you? There is a reason every business venture you set out on needs to have a good narrative to back it up
  • And if you plan on making any money, then it might help to test the waters before committing to a business and life that you might not want
  • Need some good ideas for what to get her for Valentine’s Day? Check out this list that will surely have something to impress
  • Then get some tips from the Twittersphere on some solid ways to keep your woman happy
  • And get in shape with a form of exercise that even special ops are doing in order to access untapped strength and mobility

When you think about it, the Super Bowl actually provides you with many different lessons about running a business.

One of the most important ones has to do with the act of storytelling.

Imagine how weird it would be if there was absolutely zero coverage of the Super Bowl up until kickoff. No interviews, no news reports, no nothing. Radio silence until the coin toss. Then when the game is over, the broadcast ends immediately after the clock runs out.

That would be kinda strange wouldn’t it?

Hence the need for all of that storytelling! We want to hear the players’ stories, we get excited to see ridiculous and often shameless advertising, we love that the whole thing is set up to be an experience for us as much as it is for those in it.

And that’s why over 111 Million people tuned in to watch it.

Learn to apply the techniques of crafting your own story for your business by drawing from your history, hardships, inspirations, and personal experiences.

  • Be relate-able: People who feel like you know their pain will form a connection with you or your business
  • Be unique: Tell YOUR story using YOUR words. Your idea could save lives, but if you don’t compel people with narrative they may not care
  • Be visual: By giving your audience a fix on the villain or problem of your story, they will be more likely to understand where you’re coming from

Once you’ve nailed down the what, how, and why of your story, you need to make sure people will respond to it.

Before you spend every dollar you have on fabricating and marketing, it helps to know if anyone is even going to be interested. Perform paid surveys, attend local business events and gatherings, and talk to as many people as you can about your product and business.

This will not only help you get experience in selling your product and refining your story, but it will test your level of passion you have for doing it in the first place.

You can learn a lot from your potential customers, especially when it teaches you about yourself. You might just discover that you are on the right track, slightly askew, or headed for a dead end.

Luckily, when it comes to making your woman happy, you should have a pretty good idea about the temperature of that water.

In case you need some confirmation though, I urge you to read some of the tweets that were sent in via the hashtag #HowToKeepHer2016.

The suggestions range from the simple tips of always have a sense of humor and just be yourself, to putting your cell phone down and listening to her tell you who is “out to destroy” her.

You definitely are going want to know who is out to destroy your woman guys.

My personal favorite is “never stop treating her like you’re trying to win her.” Good advice @YahBoiSelfie.

And if you need a few ideas for Valentine’s Day, don’t worry man I’ve got you covered. Check out this guide for some classy gifts that she is guaranteed to think you read her mind.

One last tip I want to share concerns your health guys. Now some of you may already dabble in yoga, but for those of you who have yet to even try it, read Why Special Ops Are Doing Yoga—and Why You Should, Too.

You will be amazed at how much it can increase your strength, endurance, flexibility, and even your mental well-being.

All things you are going to need to win, lose, and succeed in life.

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