Nick Vujicic’s Limbless World Will Remind You How Limitless the World Really Is

By Jack Day

Meet Nick Vujicic.

Nick was born in Australia with no arms and no legs, but don’t pity him. Nick lives more life than most people with the strongest limbs.

Today, Nick is a motivational speaker, a world traveler and often appears on the TED Talks circuit. While his appearance is at first, shocking, he quickly breaks down his audience with his humor and charisma. Nick shows off how he does even the most basic of things, like answering the telephone, taking off his shirt and getting around.

Don’t be fooled. This video isn’t about Nick’s disability. Nick has a larger message: Love yourself and love others.

“There are some things in life that are out of your control, that you can’t change and you’ve gotta live with. The choice that we have, though, is either to give up or keep on going,” says Nick.

While his is a faith based message, everyone can benefit from hearing his story about hope, discovery and trust in others. Without those basic life lessons and his faith, Nick admits his life could have gone very differently. He credits human kindness and God for bringing him the strength to spread the word.

His life experiences can give you pause. If Nick can do it, why can’t I?

What do you think of Nick Vuljicic? Does his message resonate with you? Whether you’re a believer in God or not, can his outlook on life benefit humanity? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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