Making Facebook Your Marketing Partner: 5 Ways the Social Network Does Your Heavy Lifting

Image by: Dimitris Kalogeropoylos
By Mike Ventura

You don’t have to be an expert to figure out Facebook.

The social network is the largest in the world and connects you with many people on our planet, so why wouldn’t you use it to expand and capitalize off of your business?

That’s where is gets a little more complex. Understanding social media is one thing, but making it work for you can be challenging if you don’t have an expert cheat-sheet.

Here are 5 things every business man should know about Facebook and the ways it can boost exposure and profit in 2015.


#1) Social Mobility

Think of Facebook as virtual networking.

Gone are the days of mixers and business card exchanges. Now you can curl up with your cocktail on the sofa. Everyone is logged on, plugged in and aware of the competition.

This is the space where your business can thrive. Those with intimate knowledge of social media and it’s inner workings can make themselves visible and competitive without spending much for advertising or other marketing techniques.

Benefits of Facebook:

-Set up of a company page is completely free.

-The website walks you through a basic template.

-The social network suggests businesses like yours to “Like” and follow.

-A Facebook company page allows you direct access to your customers and competitors.

According to Facebook’s business page creator:

“Over 1.35 billion people visit Facebook every month, and 64% check Facebook every day. Your Facebook Page will help people find you on Facebook and on the web.”

Another benefit of just setting up the page is that it allows you to manage your community reach from your desktop or laptop. You can even use your Facebook smart phone app to check on analytics that are kept for you. On Facebook they’re called “Page Insights.” All you have to do is learn how to read them and report them to your investors.

To get started with your own page now click here:

#2) Creating & Monitoring Facebook Ads

Once you’ve created your page, it’s time to make it work for you.

Facebook strategically places ads into the user experience. All Facebook users see these advertisements as they scroll through their newsfeed. It makes advertising to the people you want nearly seamless.

Facebook Ads target users based on their likes, their friends and the things they post on their personal pages. The ads also mimic the cable TV strategy, by localizing ads based on age and location. This takes away the need for internet “cookies” and instead tailors the experience based on a much smaller and intimate sample that Facebook monitors for you.

Targeting Facebook Ads:

Location: If you are a business owner who is looking to reach people in a specific geographic area, you can tailor ads based on location. This will reach people within a certain milage and bring your ads to their pages.

Demographics: Interested in marketing to a certain age group? Then this is the way you tailor your advertising. This form of target advertising will help you narrow down your sample to people who are of a certain income bracket, martial status and similar specifications.

Interest & Behaviors: Targeting people based on their likes and dislikes, groups they’ve joined on Facebook and pages they’ve liked. By targeting based on behaviors, Facebook can help a business determine if their sample is into gaming, if they use a certain kind of smartphone and how often they log on.

Connections: Facebook can also tailor your ads based on your connections. Once you’ve had a business page long enough, the social network can send specific ads to your followers. The best part about this option is that it can also send specific ads to the friends of your connections, doubling your reach.

Once you determine how you want to target your ads, there are all kinds of ways to keep your target audience growing. Facebook helps you break down the kind of ads, and where you want each specific ad to run. This includes specifying certain ads for the main website and others for the mobile app. It gets pretty specific from here, so to see how to create a tailored ad, click here:

#3 Cross Promote On A Global Network

Marketing on Facebook also allows a brand to cross promote. If you are a company that is adept at making your own mobile applications, Facebook can help you drive traffic to that app and generate more downloads.

It’s all about creating an ad that leads followers to click. Within the ad framework there are ways to tailor your marketing for your app and you’ll find that information in that create-an-ad section of the website.

#4) Boosting Posts & the Cost of Facebook Marketing

Everything has a price and even though Facebook helps a business get started for free, the ads aren’t a free service.

There is a silver lining because you get to choose your ad budget. Facebook has pricing designed like an auction, letting you see how other companies like yours are reaching their customers and basing the pricing off of the success of other companies.

Facebook’s business page explains it best:

“If you want to pay a specific amount per day, like $5, just choose “Per day” in the Budget option and enter your budget amount. Facebook will never charge you more than that amount each day your ad runs. You can also set a lifetime budget for your ad. Facebook will run your ad continuously until your budget amount is reached or your ad end date arrives.”

Facebook bills you based on the budget that you set. If you go over your budget for the month you’ll get a bill early, if not, Facebook bills you once monthly.

The best part about paying for target ads is that you can control your budget and see how your ads are performing on the social site, without paying anyone to manage your marketing for you.

#5) Monitoring Your Success

Facebook makes it really easy to monitor your success.

Once you have a business page set up, you’ll have access to the “Insights” section we mentioned earlier. This tab shows you your “likes” and how many people your posts reached on any given day.

Each category is broken into an easy to read line graph and from week to week shows you the percentage you improved based on each category. Facebook further breaks down your engagement based on location, gender and even profession.

Inside of this section it also gives you the option to boost posts you recently placed on the page. If certain posts are doing well, you can increase the reach and double your engagement.

Still confused? Here are the terms you should be familiar with when researching how to advertise and reach your customers using Facebook:

Engagement: This tracks the people who have liked, commented on and shared your posts. Engagement is also about how often you interact with your fans, customers and fellow businesses.

Reach: The number of people who saw your posts.

How have you used Facebook to boost your business? Any tips and tricks not mentioned here? We love success stories! Share yours with us in the comment section below.

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