Kamala The Ugandan Giant: Once Feared, Now Forgotten

By Charlie DeWitts

Some wrestling fans might remember Kamala the Ugandan Giant, or by his real name James Harris. This guy challenged the greats like Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin, but when push came to shove he didn’t quite make it like a lot of his former friends did. Now, minus most of his family and a couple legs, he seeks to improve his standing and climb back to the top of his former six foot, nine inch stature. Give Kamala a chance, and give his video a watch.

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One Comment

  1. jestert123 says:

    I actually do remember this guy and sad to see him end up the way he has and it was nice to see a spark out of him at the end the video. I think the biggest mistake he made financially is that he didn’t hire an agent to take care of his business.

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