It Turns Out That Crows are More Responsible Than You

By Richard K. Noots

Often, we think we are the smartest creatures to exist. And we are, so don’t worry. After all, a cow never put itself on the moon, right? However, we don’t eve seem to give animals enough credit for what they are, which is intelligent life that puts less of a strain on the environment then us. As such, we should act accordingly and try to make things easier, which is what makes this story so interesting …

First, he finds some left over dinner.

1 crow finds plate

He even lets his friend have some!

2 even let his friend have some too

BUt he wasn’t done yet …

3 but he wasnt done yet

He actually threw it away too!

4 the crow threw it away
There you have it. Crows are more responsible than people. Why?! Why can a crow throw away trash but not people?!

We may never know the real answers …

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