It Takes a Lot Of Courage to Save a Shark, Take It From These 2 Brave Brothers

By Anne Cacherell

Seeing a shark isn’t always a bad thing. Brothers, Marcus and Logan Lakos, were relaxing at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, Florida on Monday, July 20, when they spotted an injured hammerhead shark stranded and tangled in fishing gear. Logan, being the brave one, according to his brother, swam out right away and dragged the poor creature to shore.

Not understanding the situation, some people started to freak out; but when they realized that the shark was wounded, some bystanders helped in removing the hooks and the fishing line that’s wrapped around its head. The shark was immediately released back to the sea to avoid further injuring itself and for public safety as well.

Are you brave enough to save a dying shark? Share with us your thoughts.

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