Is the Universe throwing you signs? There’s a physiological reason why you should listen..

Have you ever faced a tough decision in business or your career and whilst doing some heavy soul searching, *something* gives you a sign and all of a sudden the path seems much clearer?

Well I believe that some of the logic as to why you should listen to the signs, regardless of your beliefs, may be lodged deep in your mind without you knowing it. Let’s explore.

You’ll find in every culture, walk of life, religion, non-religion, that more often than not, a mention to signs, omens or cryptic communications from the universe exist.

Now, I’m not one to jump to supernatural, religious or spiritual conclusions on anything in life, nor am I (or do I think anyone else) is qualified, enlightened enough to deny they exist or clarifiy one way or another what the true background is of such events. That’s down to each and every individual person’s belief system that they hold. It’s a common theme from Christianity, general Spirituality and even literature such as The Alchemist, the Secret and so on to name a few.

HOWEVER, lets put aside the theory of why something might occur, let’s look at the physiological practicalities of why on a here and now level we should throw them some serious consideration and attention.

One thing that I am certain of though, is the power of the sub-conscious mind.  It is like your smart phone set to quiet mode. The screen may be off so you may not even notice that it’s doing anything or that it’s even there, but in the background, it is calculating, processing the world around you to prolong itself (think about it, it’s forever optimising its remaining battery life, providing information logs for location and other metrics), and in turn the vessel that carries it and is ready to perform tasks at a moment’s notice – whether you ask it to or not.

In a similar way, the subconscious mind is autonomously examining the world around you, and letting you make sub-conscious decisions. Think about it. How many times have you arrived safely at work, only to think back and realise that you were completely on Auto-pilot through most of the journey. Your sub-conscious mind takes on board experiences, skills and lessons that you have consciously learned to be essential, and then assembles them into part of its routine to ensure that you can keep on going. It subliminally manages your day to day survival from breathing, to avoiding touching hot things, to letting you drive a car in a way that you have over time learned is safe.

So therefore, whatever your conscious beliefs of the world around you, spiritually, religiously or theoretically, one thing remains true. When you see something happening in the world and have a strong urge to pursuit it – listen.

Because regardless of whether what you are seeing was a sign sent from your belief in God or the afterlife, or the power of the universe – it is a reminder that at every moment of every day, opportunity exists.

In the same way that if you see a poisonous snake or frog, typically an animal’s natural response would be “danger” or “don’t touch”, your brain sub-conciously reacts to the world in a way that your brain has been programmed to accept it. So on a purely physiological level, if you see an external influence which leads to you a conclusion with a business, career and even, life decision – chances are that it’s because one of two processes and more likely than not; both.

1) Your mind is drawing on your previous encounters and then deciding that what you are seeing is a “sign”. That is, your brain is connecting the dots. If you’re making a decision of asking for a wage increase for example, and you see a $10 note on the floor and have the feeling that it is a sign for example, your brain is concluding that the last time you were thinking this and found money, it ended well, therefore why should this be different.


2) Your sub-conscious mind has processed the situation and come to a conclusion. In leading you to ‘feel’ that something is a sign, it is presenting you with a response and that communication is triggered by what you are seeing (i.e. in the same way a stripey frog or spider would make the mind think “danger” and result in a fight or flight response, in this instance the mind is externalising it’s decision, giving you a natural response to the situation, to prompt you into action.  It feels that it is the best course of action and is using the opportunity that has presented itself as a tool to let you know what it thinks.

As for whether seeing the sign in the first place is an act of chance or  a higher power I will leave up to your interpretation of the world – who am I to know one way or the other, in fact I’m open to all possibilities.

But one thing is for certain, once you’ve seen that sign, the way that you respond is a very complex, yet determined series of events. I’m not saying to leave your job or business because a loved one’s favorite music comes on, but if your brain reacts with that initial feeling of “this must be a sign”, that “gut feeling”, it would be simply a waste to not at least listen to that feeling and explore the impact of it. If you feel it, then it’s significant and worth some deep thought about (or if you’re not overly analytical of these things – and kudos to you if you’re not, I certainly try not to be), then just do it and manage the outcome when it happens.

So what caused me to reflect on this in particular today? I was having some doubts and thoughts about announcing a new product. I had a well identified need, the experience and contacts to make it a reality and it is a project I have been working on (more theoretically) for 8 years now in the background (even if its a thought towards it once every 3 months).

As many will know, my father passed away recently and I always thought of him as one to soar, a free spirit and an opportunity taker. For some reason I have been staring at photos of him today and after two hours of contemplation, eventually I thought “what happens happens” and switched my thoughts off on the project for the day.

Then whilst sat in the 19th floor of a client’s office, a hawk swept into my view. it glided in a slow spiral completely within the viewing confines of the middle bay of the window next to my desk, never straying outside of the window frame – as if to keep my eyes focused on it. I was mezmorised. It spiraled, never flapping and gained height in each revolution. Up and up around 15 times until it finally and sharply swept upwards but towards me and then out of view.

Immediately I felt that this was some sort of sign that if I get off the ground, it will glide along without stress and really take off. My subconscious mind suddenly knew what course of action to take and I didn’t question it any further – I will let you know how that one turns out..

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