Internet Advertising Not Going Well? Listen to These 2 Expert Tips to Help Your Website


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Image by: By David Erickson
By Richard K. Noots

If you have an online business, take heed. Today’s internet industry is still booming like no other, although everyone is wondering if the other shoe will drop. Only time will tell, but if you’re one of those people who think you might feel the effects of such a depression, it’s time to get in gear. After all, how long would you stay in a sinking ship?

The key to staying alive in this business is advertising, but not it the way you think. Consumers have grown wise to this prospect and have acted accordingly. Banners don’t work like they used to and is the only other option for getting your name out their Twitter? As always, Danjur is here to help in your time of business needs!


#1) The Game is Changing

Whether you like it or not, the face of business is changing. It’s always been an evolving process, but now it’s speeding through change faster than most of us can keep up with, like Adblockers. These bad boys make all your hard work and money you spent getting your name out there wasted. Most web browsers even come with some form of adblocking naturally.

Though it may seem likely that one day businesses might try and find a way to sue adblockers for infringing on some sort of … Corporate right or something, this actually wouldn’t help. The most likely solution is to just be more creative in advertising. Fact is, people don’t pay attention to banners anymore. How many banners have you clicked on in the last year? Why would anyone else click on yours?

One thing to consider is just trying new approaches. Writing articles on other websites that can allow you to also plug your own information is one way. Text-based linking, where you have something witty written and a link just waiting to take them to the right place is another such way. Advertising methods are never static, so don’t base your ideas solely off of things proven to work.

#2) Maybe Your Website Needs Work

The worst part about being an artist is being honest with yourself. We all want to be Leonardo Da Vinci, but no one wants to paint his house. When it comes to your website, you need to think, Why would anyone care? From there, you make it more interesting. Design is key and you want something easy on the eyes. No walls of text either, at least not on the main page.

A good website pulls you in with curiosity, forcing you to click at least one or two links because something intriguing caught your eye. You know what doesn’t attract the eye? Lots of unnecessary advertisements. Yes, that means it might be a good idea to consider losing some ad content in hopes of attracting more revenue from sheer design alone. Hey, anything is possible.

The realm of advertising never sleeps. No one likes advertisements either. It’s a game of subversion, and if you’re not in the mind set, well … Everyone else is. Unfortunately, the world of business isn’t a very nice place when it comes to getting ahead.

#3) It Just Takes Effort

The bottom line is that if you think your advertising schemes aren’t attracting business, keep working at it. Time and effort is the only thing that produces change in our world. Don’t get discouraged. If the internet has proven anything these days, it’s that there’s a want for anything. So, whatever your producing has a chance. It just needs to catch air, so to speak.

On a final note, make sure to get socially active as well. Not a screen in this world can beat a friendly face, so always take a chance to do things in person. Conventions, Expos, any chance you get to talk about your business, that’s what you should doing. That, my friend, is true advertising. It is never enough to just sit behind a desk.

Take charge, and good luck. The business world has always been vicious, and the internet today is just an extreme version of what business has always been. The only difference is, you’re either consuming what’s in front of you or you’re producing what’s in front of you. Which do think is the better option?

How do you handle your advertisement-woes? Is the internet just a game of Craps when it comes to maintaining a business or does hard work truly pay off? Let us know in the comments!

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