In This Restaurant Everything Comes With a Free Side of Hugs

By Jack Day

Tim Harris is awesome. He owns a restaurant called Tim’s Place. When people come through the doors Tim says,”I give them a hug and they feel better…hugs are way more important than food.” Now how many times have you heard a restaurant owner say something like that? If the answer is never it’s probably because they are focused on other things, but not Tim. For him the most important thing is that his customers are happy. Sometimes that results in a hug from the “mean, lean, hugging machine” that is Tim Harris. The other awesome thing about Tim is that he is the world’s only entrepreneur with Down Syndrome. He believes that people with disabilities are special and should never allow their handicap to get in the way of their dreams. I think the rest of the world could greatly benefit from the wisdom of Tim Harris.

The other cool thing about Tim is that he does a crazy dance through the parking lot each morning on his way into work. I think I will start doing that myself. What did you think of Tim’s story? Pretty inspiring huh? Have you ever overcome some insurmountable odds to achieve your dreams? What did you do? Please share with us!

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