In the Name Of Research, These Guys Are Placing Their Manhood On the Line to Understand Motherhood

By Jack Day

Sometimes there are things we must do as men to understand the unknown. It’s a good thing we have fearless champions of knowledge like The Try Guys, who recently completed the 4th part of their 5 part series on Motherhood.  The Guys bravely strapped some electrodes to the areas of their body that would be involved in labor pains in order to simulate the act of giving birth.

While no babies came spilling out, all of them were a little nervous about something else coming out.  You have to watch this video to fully appreciate what they went through.  Well that and to laugh at their pain!  These guys deserve some respect in all seriousness for not only spotlighting the experience of Motherhood, but also for literally getting “shocked” for the sake of quality scientific reporting!

Would you be able to take the Labor Pain Challenge?  Let us know your thoughts and please share this crazy video with your friends!

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