In Order to “Un-Complicate” Your Life, Learn the Difference Between Being Busy Vs. Productive

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By James Reubin

We all have our own demons; those monsters that dwell within us and get in our way of pursuing happiness and achieving peace of mind. They have numerous disguised and absurd forms like insecurity, regret, resentment and guilt.

Last weekend, while I was helping my wife declutter our home, I came across a small box with old college photos in it. It brought back sweet and happy memories of my professors, old classmates and friends.

One particular photo caught my attention. It was me and 3 of my closest friends, Justin, Raven and Edmond during our graduation. It was a nice picture. All of them were smiling and seemed to be in joyous celebration.

However, the thing with snapshots is that they leave out some important details and don’t tell the whole story.

A student-run club brought us all together and gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better and build our friendship.

Edmond and Raven were close friends who had feelings for each other, but they were hesitant to bring their relationship to the next level because they didn’t want to sacrifice the friendship.

Then Justin came into the picture and started dating Raven. It was painful for Edmond, but he backed off and gave way to Justin.

Everyone seemed to be minding their own lives until one day Raven came to Edmond crying and told him that they were having problems in their relationship. Raven then agreed to cool things off for a while.

Two weeks later though, they got back together and less than two months after that, Raven discovered that she was pregnant.

Although Justin was shocked, he was willing to take responsibility and marry Raven after our graduation.

When Edmond found out about what happened, I felt that there was something off with him. I was his closest friend and it didn’t take him long to open up and tell me a little secretsomething happened between him and Raven during the 2-week period her and Justin were broken up.

Edmond believed that the child was his, but when he contacted Raven, she begged him not to ruin Justin’s plans and just let her be happy.

Raven was actually 5 months pregnant on the graduation photo. Edmond became the godfather of her child and Justin was still clueless about everything.

There are complications in my life too, but I’m grateful that it’s not as complicated as what my friends have going on.

So today, I decided to share some ways on how to un-complicate your life and have a more fulfilling existence.

To make an informed decision, we should go over our problems meticulously and identify the things that we can and cannot control.

Focus on the former and accept the latter. Concentrate on what’s really important and on achieving good results.

Dominic Preston has a good point in his piece “Coping With Cheating: When You’re Tempted By Another.”

He said that it is human nature to feel tempted, but the dilemma arises when we choose to give in to it.

Don’t keep secrets.

Trust is a big factor in any relationship. Once you’ve betrayed your partner’s trust, that’s where the problems start. So, don’t give your partner a reason to doubt you.

This also applies in business; earning customer’s trust is a process and the major key is to provide them an excellent buying experience that they will want to rave about.

Don’t just get things done. Get the right things done!

There’s a difference between being busy and being productive.

To give you insights on how to get the right things done in gaining customer’s trust, here’s a piece by Aimee Millwood on how customers make judgments through their buying journey.

As online entrepreneurs, we can earn our customers trust by paying attention to these 4 stages: first impressions, social proof or testimonials from other buyers, risk assessment or making them feel secured about their financial information and turning them as into brand advocates through special incentives.

Do what you know in your heart is right.

Be kind to yourself and do what you know is right for your heart. Do not invite serious complications in your life by not taking your health for granted.

Make your life less complicated by trying this simple impressive brunch that any man can master, Egg Cacio e Pepe.

This healthy meal is very easy to prepare and only has 5 ingredients. It also comes with a simple cocktail recipe that perfectly goes with it.

Streamline your life by identifying the nature of your problem once and for all and actually do something about it.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Address your issues by giving them much thought and attention.

Shawn Binder encourages us to explore the different aspect of our relationship in his piece “10 Things that Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life.”

Be mindful about subtle details that could be killing your bedroom game such as bad breath, condition of the bedsheets, length of foreplay, background music and so much more.

“Nothing worthwhile is ever without complications.”

Life is full of surprises. It is impossible to always fully anticipate what’s going to happen, but you have the ability to control your choices and your attitude.

The less complicated way to live is to embrace your imperfections and to always choose to do the right thing.

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