If You’re Not a Fan Of Organic Foods, You Should Watch This


By Anne Cacherell

Aside from its negative environmental impact, pesticides also have harmful effects on human health. High level of toxic chemical residues on the food we eat can cause neurological, reproductive and fertility problems. If you’re eating conventionally grown and produced foods your entire life, you are exposing yourself to the devastating health problems and diseases that non-organic food can cause.

This video by Coop, a Swedish supermarket chain, features a Swedish family who took the challenge to go completely organic for two weeks. Monitored by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the results of the study are quite drastic. Learn more about the benefits of eating organic by watching the video.

Even after you have washed your fruits and vegetables, you could still potentially put chemicals in your body. Now that you have watched the clip, do you now consider changing your diet? Tell us what’s on your mind.

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