If Your Girlfriend Has Made You a Better Man, This Is How You Show Her

By Jack Day

I only post these stories about dudes who have epic proposals because I’m trying to help you people out. Maybe you don’t want to copy any of these guys exactly, but they certainly provide us with some great examples of how to make a marriage proposal memorable. I mean if you think about it, it really is the man’s chance to shine and put on something a little special for the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The woman has the wedding itself, obviously.

So without any further introduction, I present the latest in a continuing trend of touching marriage proposals. This one by our friend Shawn here, who spent quite a bit of effort to conceal his secret proposal from his usually incredibly observant girlfriend Cai’lin. She thought she was going to a work event in a conference room in a hotel, but instead found a couch and a movie playing on a screen with clips of here life. Nice. The real tears started when the scene came on of Shawn asking Cai’lin’s father Gerry if he could marry his daughter. To sum it up Shawn says:

“She’s just such a special person and you know I don’t think I could image my life without her. She just become such a big part of my life. You know — as cliche as it sounds — she honestly does make me a better man,” Shawn told Cai’lin’s dad.

Take it from Shawn guys, when you love your woman the way he does, you know it’s right. Have you ever proposed in an epic way? Or a non epic, yet still awesome way? Please share your stories with us!

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