If More Popstars Were Like This, I Wouldn’t Hate Pop Music

By Kenny G. Thompson

Music needs a lady like Viktoria Modesto. When she was born, she had many complications with her leg that ended up with amputation in order to make her life easier. This did not deter her in her dream to become a huge pop star. Instead, she embraces her new leg, and hopes other people will do the same. Instead of “disabled” people being pushed to the shadows and relegated to wherever we put them, we need more people like Viktoria who will stand up and say, look at ME.

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  1. Toby38 says:

    That song wasn’t too bad and the video was pretty interesting. It’s great when you see people who were either born with a disability or obtained one later in life that break out of the common stereotype of what everyone sees them as. She is doing a great job at what she obviously loves doing.

  2. Mason29 says:

    The music wasn’t really up to my taste, but the video was pretty cool. It definitely had a German feel to it. This women is very pretty and she has had to overcome some serious obstacles, but she has done it with style. More people with disabilities should be inspired like her.

  3. ManiJ says:

    Loved it. What’s not to enjoy? A sexy woman who can dance and sing, and does so half naked! Her artificial legs were amazing to look at. What a fabulous role model for others.

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