If More Football Players Were Like Watson and Less Like Rice, The World Would Be Better off

By Charlie DeWitts

Menelik Watson, a player for the Oakland Raiders did something random uncouth of most football players: He donated his entire paycheck to a four year old girl with a terrifying heart condition. Though she may not make it to old age, acts of kindness like this are sure to make her life slightly easier. The question is, why aren’t more players like this? Or does the news just glorify when the players do bad things, and ignore charitable acts like this? Let our comment section be open for debate!

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  1. Foster89 says:

    I would rather hear about stories like this one, where someone in a celebrity position is doing acts of kindness than hear about the ones who are doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. This guy is awesome and I’m sure that he made this little girl’s dreams come true.

  2. Aaren says:

    What a great story. I can’t believe that this player did this for this family. More important people should get onboard with programs like this one to help out people that really need it. I bet this little girl’s family was surprised when this happened.

  3. ebameltzer says:

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  4. StevenL says:

    I hear you. The entire team did a wonderful thing, and I bet the family were not expecting such a huge extra surprise from Watson. That’s one heck of a generous thing to do.

  5. Philie06 says:

    So true. I know a lot of NFL players donate their time and money to many good charities. I think it is great that he did to one little girl.

  6. Philie06 says:

    I remember seeing another story like this. A player friended a young girl that was terminally ill. Heck if I can remember which one did it.

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