Here’s How to Better Pursue Self-Growth & Reach Your Maximum Potential

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By James Reubin

From kindergarten to high school, I was always an academic over-achiever. I enjoyed the rewards it brought as well as making my parents proud and the popularity that came with it.

However, when I entered college, I discovered there is a lot of people that are way better than me – in EVERYTHING! I couldn’t even excel in one subject. So, I got demotivated and kind of stopped taking my studies seriously.

I would normally enroll in advanced courses on semester breaks, but there was one summer when I decided to take a vacation at my parents’ house. There, I witnessed the sacrifices my parents had been making just to be able to afford to send me to a reputable school.

Their strong faith in my ability to be the best that I could be and their sacrifices inspired me to believe in myself even if there were others better than me. I realized that although I wasn’t the best, I was good enough to do anything that I wanted to in life.

To help you understand that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams and not be discouraged by your imperfections, here are steps that you can take to embark on a journey of self-improvement and reach your maximum potential.

Fight Your Doubts

The difference between people who can conquer their self-doubts and people who allow themselves to be controlled by it, is their ability to make their dreams come true and be exactly where they want to be.

The latter remain stuck and miserable while the former can always move forward. So, believe in yourself, don’t sabotage your dreams and paralyze yourself with your own limiting beliefs.

To defeat your doubts, you have to stop listening to the negative self-talk that holds you back. Instead, focus your time and energy in becoming a better and a stronger person.

Writer Sean Kim suggests doing these essential activities that will make your brain healthier.

Prioritizing your mental health not only helps you in developing new skills and maintaining a strong sense of purpose for the future, but it could also save your life.

Find the Goodness that Is Already In You

Figure out what skills you already have. Screw humility, guys. Just list every single skill you have – drawing, writing, making people laugh or even brewing the best pot of coffee. From your list, choose what works best for you and then start from there.

Don’t expect yourself to perform at an expert level right away. Remember that improving your skills is a process and it’s okay to take baby steps. It’s not until you put those skills and knowledge into practice that you will see how far you can go and how awesome you can be.

One of the biggest challenges in performing this step is to overcome the excuses you have in your mind like “I don’t have the resources” or “I don’t have much.”

Marc Angelo Coppola provides some enlightenment on how you can depend less on things beyond yourself and still live a life of wonder and excitement.

Little actions can create big change. Every simple thing, decision, and habit can add up quickly and significantly to bring you one step closer to your dreams. By taking small steps you can gain more experience and opportunities for learning.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine. Although, it could get a little boring but still, doing the same work all the time makes life a little less challenging. However, staying in your comfort zone won’t bring you self-progress.

Travis Bradberry explains that doing uncomfortable deeds is critical to your success and well-being.

In my opinion, discomforts are part of the whole package of reaching your maximum potential. You have to learn to push your boundaries to become better and stronger. So, do something that challenges you every day like getting up early, meditating, or doing some volunteer work; the point is to learn to avoid putting things off.

Never Stop Exploring

Expanding your horizons, keeping your options open and observing flexibility are essential to prepare yourself for some unpredictable changes that you could possibly encounter along the way. It enables you to switch paths easily when necessary, instead of being locked up in one area of your life.

In the bedroom, for instance, it takes a real man to become an amazing lover. To do that, you should never run out of new strategies and seduction techniques that will make your woman keep coming back for more.

So, widen your imagination and explore your options by trying these 8 simple tips that help get her in the mood.

Guys, as you take your journey into self-growth, it is important to always keep your focus on what you can improve instead of worrying about the things that you don’t have and comparing yourself to others. Be proud of yourself every time you make a little progress and never stop doing more.

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