That’s Not a Manual For Life He’s Reading, But It Is One Of Many Ways You Can Learn to Be a Better Man

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By Ronnie Toofan

Have you ever heard of Peter Pan Syndrome or a condition wherein a person refuses to grow up? It sounds unbelievable, right? But there really are people who refuse to accept their adult responsibilities.

My neighbor Jayce is one of those people and he’s not ashamed to admit it. He’s 36, has never experienced generating his own income in his whole life (aka holding a job) and is still completely financially dependent on his parents, who are working their butts off abroad. He spends his day playing online games, watching movies and hanging out with his friends.

One time, I invited him over to my son’s birthday party. While we were having a beer, he received a call from his mother. It wasn’t my intention to listen, but I overheard him reminding her about the new pair of shoes that he wanted for Christmas. Seriously?!  It’s not my thing to interfere with other people’s lives but out of curiosity, I asked him if he had any plans of settling down someday. To my surprise, he said he doesn’t see himself being with someone ever again after his college sweetheart broke his heart. He basically stopped living the moment his ex-GF got married.

Guys, the thing with growth is that it doesn’t just happen. You have to first realize that it is a necessity, decide that you want it and then work hard for it by cultivating your attitude and thinking to make it better and stronger.

A personal growth mindset is essential for your health, success and happiness. And if you want to continue to grow as a person, you must accept inevitable changes, try new things and conquer new challenges. Here are some growth-mindsets that you need to adopt to improve your life and invite more good vibes to come your way.

Check the Quality of Your Thoughts

If you want to do better in life, I think that the first thing that you need to do is examine your current mindset. Is it still applicable in your current situation? Or is it getting in the way of your greatness? Depending on your answer, you must be open to adopting a new one so that you that you won’t end up sabotaging yourself or limiting your potential from becoming all that you can be.

For example, when you first started your relationship, you were full of hope that love was going to last no matter what. So, you tried your best and gave it your all. And then, life happened, something that was out of your control. Your partner had a change of heart and told you that there was nothing that you could do about it.

What happens next is entirely up to you; either you choose to fight for your relationship alone and dwell on your sadness and miseries or you decide to get over it and move on. However, if you’re serious about developing into a better person, then I guess you would have to pick the latter because choosing the former would definitely just turn your world into something ugly and devoid of feelings of being alive.

Learn New Skills

Devote yourself to becoming a life-long learner. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Invest in yourself by reading books, watching documentaries and enrolling into online classes. These things will help you expand your knowledge and who you are as a person.

And speaking of getting smarter, writer Matthew Toren suggests leveraging these 9 business tools to cut down on your busywork and focus on creating results.

Build Healthy Habits

What is the sense of making fat money and acquiring all that knowledge if you’re not healthy enough to use it or even enjoy it? So, take charge of your own wellness by creating conscious patterns of good habits and healthy lifestyle choices.

Start conditioning your body, kick your bad habits, hit every workout on your schedule and eat right. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to maintain your general health by going natural. I highly recommend taking a combination of raw honey and turmeric to prevent common illnesses, treat chronic pain and inflammation, and reduce your risk of getting heart attack, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer.

Think for Yourself

Learning to support yourself is crucial in surviving in this world. It’s all about being able to handle your issues, securing your beliefs and having control of your own life. When you rely too much on others, you are not only berating and limiting yourself but also teaching yourself to be lazy and irresponsible. So, think for yourself and don’t let others make decisions for you because at the end of the day, you only have yourself to rely on.

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