This Is How to Become a Magnet & Start Attracting the Right Things that You Want In Your Life

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By Ronnie Toofan

Before my girlfriend moved in with me, I had to do a huge general cleaning of my apartment. Man, it took me a couple of weeks to clean everything: my closet was a mess, had to make my bathroom tiles shine and the tub needed work too, then there was the garbage, 5 year-old junk from every nook and cranny, irrelevant documents, and lots of expired stuff.

Though it was hard for me to let go of some of my personal things and redecorate the room that had served as my sanctuary for almost a decade, I knew I had to do to it to make space for a new beginning.

Guys, it’s important to always keep your mind, body and spirit in check to attract positive energy and create abundance. Follow these steps to make room for health, happiness and prosperity in your life.

Don’t Fear Failure

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to go out there and chase your dreams, you will always come up with excuses to leave your comfort zone and find reasons to doubt yourself. Moving away from these negative feelings is hard but it’s the only way to make space for the right things in your life.

When you let your fear of failure rule over you, you will get stuck in a world of uncertainty, you will become powerless to change your circumstances and you can never move forward to achieve your goals.

Psychologist Sherrie Campbell shares invaluable lessons that will help you become fearless when dealing with stressful and terrible situations:

• Whatever you lose in life will be replaced by something worthy of your time and effort.
• Learn acceptance and things will begin to settle and work out.
• Have faith that in time, all the things that you’ve lost and caused you harm will turn in your favor
• Change happens so that things can move in a new and better direction.
• Recognize your ability to survive what was meant for your destruction.
• Use your fear to develop your capacity to love fully and believe in yourself.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Life can be a very painful journey because of its uncertainties, but when you come to accept and understand that these uncertainties present opportunities that can help build your character and develop the wisdom essential to your success, you will realize that you are capable of changing your circumstances in your favor.

So, create a positive atmosphere in your mind, choose to keep things in perspective and let go of that negative mindset that is holding you back from achieving your full potential and from going after the things you want in life.

In the piece “8 Ways to stop Thinking About What Everyone Thinks Of You,” Dr. David Sack explains the importance of creating a new mindset to get back to a healthier relationship with others and with yourself.

Assuming the worst, filtering out the good in a situation and paying attention only to the bad can destroy your progress and get in the way of attracting the right things that you want in your life. So, instead of entertaining all those negative thoughts in your head, release them and focus on getting more out of life instead.

Focus on Long-Term Growth

Look for opportunities that will add value to your goals, happiness, purpose and relationships. To do this, you should examine your life and identify what needs changing and what needs to go. Also, think long-term, not what is easy or convenient.

In marriage, for instance, many couples overlook the idea that beautiful things take time and real results require real hard work. They don’t take their vows seriously enough to overcome struggles and fight for their relationship resulting in broken hearts and divorce.

Guys, be patient and make a conscious effort to commit to your spouse, for better or worse. Also, focus on long-term growth such as achieving maturity and unconditional love as these are the only ways to ensure that your relationship keeps moving forward. Remember that marriage is a choice that you make every day, not only on your wedding day.

Observe Healthy Lifestyle Practices

It’s impossible to feel good when you’re unhealthy or when you’re too weak to be all that you can be. So, stay out of harm’s way by exercising, being conscious about the food you eat and getting your annual physical check-up.

Establish healthier habits by eating nutritious foods that contain higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals to keep yourself in good condition and your energy levels up. Writer Sarah Kaye Santos suggests trying these 6 nutrient-dense duos to maximize benefits and get more out of each bite.

Guys, it’s never too late to get rid of the things that no longer serve you, change the attitude that’s hindering you from becoming a better version of yourself and make room for great things to flow into your life.

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