His Passion For Calligraphy Made Him One Of the World’s Dozen Master Penman

By Anne Cacherell

Do you remember the last time you made a handwritten note or scribble a shopping list? People nowadays barely lift a pen or pencil to jot down the simplest of notes. Too much exposure to computers, electronics and all things digital make us all guilty of neglecting the old-fashioned yet elegant art of penmanship.

But the case is different with this one individual who spent most of his life focusing on the art of handwriting and calligraphy. Artist and penman Jake Weidmann is one of the only twelve remaining people in the world designated as a master penman. He is also the youngest among them by three decades.

Watch the video as Weidmann talks about his passion, process and shares some of his exquisite drawings and meticulous letterings.

When was the last time you write something using pen and paper? Do you think that the art of handwriting is dead? Share with us your thoughts.

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