His Inspiration Helped Him to Unofficially Break a World Record, Now He Wants to Do It Again

By Jack Day

If you have had life long aspirations to drink beer and run a mile as fast as you can, then you are going to appreciate this video. Over 25 years ago the runners at Burlington Central High School in Ontario, Canada started a sporting event that became known as The Beer Run. Participants call themselves “beer milers” and most train year round for the Beer Mile National Championships held in Austin, TX. The object is simple: Run one mile and drink an entire 12oz beer of your choosing before each mile. If you can do this in under 5 minutes, then you should probably look into this years event being held in December.

This video details some more of the history behind the event as well as some of the main players, including the sports most controversial miler, James Nielsen. Last year James began his training to break the world record of a 5 minute mile. With his trusty wife Mimi there to film his historic run, James appeared to break the record, finishing his beer mile in 4 minutes and 57 seconds.

Not so fast there James, say other runners. The controversy came into the equation because some beer milers say it is physically impossible to chug a beer in 3.9 seconds, which James does in the video. Many have accused him of cheating and refuse to recognize his time. But, James has the laws of physics on his side according to his assessment of the proper beer sucking technique he used to break the record. Either way, this August James plans to set the naysayers straight as he his staging his own beer mile classic that will feature all the past and present beer miler record holders. Watch the video and decide for yourself, then have a beer and run down your block. Or just wait for August and cheer for your favorite beer miler.

My first question is when are we going to have the Big Mac Mile? I think that would be just as entertaining! Please tell us your thoughts and if you have been inspired to become the new beer mile record holder!

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