His Experience In Dealing With One Of War’s Most Devastating Consequences, Made Him Support This Charity

By Anne Cacherell

This 8-minute video features English film, television and stage actor Sir Patrick Stewart as he talks about the devastating consequences of war to one’s mental health and how it can destroy lives and families. He puts emphasis on tackling the problem and the importance of dealing with these high-stress situations and mental instability accordingly. Furthermore, Stewart also makes a lifeline appeal for the Combat Stress, a UK-based mental health charity that offers treatment to former members of the British Armed Forces suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other psychological conditions.

The clip also includes a first-hand testimony of James, a military veteran who suffered severe PTSD after returning from the first gulf war.

War’s most devastating effect is something beyond the physical. How do you deal with everyday stress? Do you know anyone who’s struggling with this mental condition? Share with us your experience.

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