He’s Strong to the Finish, But Doesn’t Need Spinach. He’s a Real-Life Arm Wrestling Popeye

By Anne Cacherell

Do you remember the cartoon character, who simply downs a tin of spinach and instantly sprouts bulging biceps? Well, Stacy Minnesota has their own real-life Popeye.

Meet Jeff Dabe, a 52-year-old competitive arm wrestler with huge forearms that measure 19-inches in circumference.


Scientists have performed tests on him to see if he has Gigantism or elephantiasis abnormality, but the University of Minnesota concluded that he’s just born that way and that he doesn’t have a genetic disorder or disease.

Jeff has been competing in arm wrestling tournaments since the 1980’s. Unfortunately, he injured his right arm during a competition in 1986, but was able to get back in the game in 2012 when he started using his left arm.

Jeff is currently training and traveling all over United States to fulfill his dream of becoming the champion in the World Arm Wrestling League.


Aside from being able to intimidate your opponents, what do you think are the advantages of having strong, giant paws? Share with us your thoughts.

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