Here Are the Top 5 Quotes You’ll Never Hear a Good Business Man Say and Why

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By Richard K. Noots

Running a business isn’t easy. Hell, neither is being an employee. However, when you’re an entrepreneur, there are certain things you want to avoid doing. One of those things is avoiding certain key phrases, phrases which could alter your mentality and the mentality of others, for worse. What are these simple phrases though?

They’re generic, and anyone could accidentally say them. However, today we’re going to shed some light on how to avoid these deadly thought processes that can be a detriment to the future of your empire. We’ll give you the how and why, and what you should think instead! Remember, running a business may not be easy, but the long haul will show you that you made the right decisions, as long as you avoid thinking …


#1) It’s all X’s fault!

If you want to be a role model or successful businessman, avoid blaming other people. Blaming other people for your problems makes you look irresponsible, even when it’s not your fault. Instead, focus on how you can fix the issue. This will also inspire others around to you work on fixing any issue, as opposed to just looking for the next unlucky bloke to blame.

#2) Why does this always happen to me?

Selfishness is the number one success and problem of this world. If it wasn’t for selfishness, we wouldn’t exist. At the same time, it also causes terrible amounts of inequality. So, when you’re wonder why it seems like the universe is ruining all of your dreams, it isn’t. Things happen. Lamenting your status in life will once serve to make you more depressed. Instead, follow the advice of #1. Go fix it!

#3) We’re just ticking along.

No company is ever just “ticking” along. You’re either thriving or dying in the business world, and any good businessman will tell you the same. If you’re not making a good profit, that means you’re failing. Accepting this makes changing easier though, not harder. If you think you’re just floating along, you might end up trying to wait the slump out, which can be an even bigger problem.

Remember, inaction leads to disaster!

#4) I did this all myself!

This is one of the worst mentalities to have in life, let alone the business world. If you think that your company is only around because of your own hands, well, you’re not giving any credit to the people around you or the people that came before you. Do you honestly think you go in your position without any help from the outside world? Hmm… How did you get to work? How are you online? Who makes your product?

A large problem in the business world is not giving credit where credit is due. Avoid this. Everyone around you deserves credit, especially your employees (if you have any). Donald Trump is a man who thinks only he is capable of doing what he does. He’s wrong, which is why he always seems to lose his money and support, eventually.

#5 We will revolutionize …

This is more a personal bug, but hear me out. Every company, when showing off their new product, talks about how it will revolutionize the world. Yet, it doesn’t. Most products don’t. Instead of trying to drum up fantastical words to drum up interest in your product, just make your product more interesting. If you have to lie about the capabilities of your business by using fancy rhetoric, you’ll be doomed to fail.

The business world is filled with all kinds of bad advice, sayings and quotes, but these ones stick out the most in the case of being a bad boss. If you find yourself getting stuck in any of these mentalities, it’s OK. Admitting you have a problem is the first step in dealing with it, so you’re on the right path! It’s time to get in the proper mind to make your business sell!

What key phrases do you hear often that make you sick? Anything with ‘Synergy’ comes to mind, but there must be others! Were there any on this list that you’ve heard before that bugged you?

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