Here are 12 Beautiful Beaches You Can Visit on Your Next Vacation!

By Richard K. Noots

If you’re thinking about a nice vacation soon, why not visit one of these twelve gorgeous beaches? If you’re travelling nearby one of these places, you’ll definitely add one to your stop. My favorite is the Iceland one for the Northern Lights that make it completely unique from any other beach. There’s also Cape Town, but I’ll save the reason why for that till the end …

Baio Do Sancho, Pernambuco, Brazil

baia do sancho pernambuco brazil most beautiful
Voted most beautiful beach in the world. Do you agree?

Barra Airport, Scotland

barra air port, traigh mhor, scotland runway

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

seven mile beach, negril, jamaica
Which is only six miles long …

Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney, Australia

sculpture by the Sea sydney australia

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