He Saved a Man’s Life in War, 20 years Later They Met Again Under Extraordinary Circumstances

By Anne Cacherell

Goodness shall prevail over evil, even in the darkest of times and so will humanity and compassion, even in the hardest of times.

In 1982, two soldiers from opposing camps met on the battlefield in the Middle East. They had no idea that this chance encounter would lead to an incredible friendship of a lifetime.

Iranian soldier Zahed Haftlang found Iraqui soldier Najah Aboud covered with his own blood and badly injured. Believing that their enemies won’t keep him alive, Najah was terrified. On the other hand, Zahed was scared for his life too, because sometimes Iraqui soldiers would rather take off a grenade and explode themselves.  When Zahed searched Najah’s pocket, he found a small Quran. He opened it and saw a picture of Najah’s girlfriend and son. That moment, Zahed made a decision to save Najah.

When the Iranian forces won the battle, Zahed took Najah to the military hospital to receive treatment.

Twenty years later, they met each other again under extraordinary circumstances at the Vancouver Association for the Survivors of Torture (VAST).

Learn the details of their story and reunion by watching this short film.

This video was released by Fathom Film Group and was directed by Ann Shin.

Do you find this story incredibly powerful? Who do you think benefits from a war? Share with us your opinion.

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