He Put His Own Life On the Line to Save a Police Officer, that’s More Than Enough to Declare This Man a Hero

By Anne Cacherell

William Ramirez, 47-year old boat fixer, was driving on his way to his work on April 14, Tuesday morning when he spotted a shooting incident at Northwest 79th Street. He saw police officer Rosny Obas taking cover as a man fired at him with a high-powered assault rifle. Ramirez, without second thoughts, drove his van immediately in the middle of the shootout to shield Obas, grabbed the rookie officer from the ground and drove off to safety.

The police union honored Ramirez for his exceptional act of courage at the Miami City Hall before the Miami City Commission on April 16, Thursday morning. He received a proclamation for bravery and The Fraternal Order of Police presented him an unsung hero plaque and a $1000 check.

Police officers are considered heroes themselves for protecting us from the bad elements of the society. But sometimes, even heroes need help and reinforcement and that’s when brave citizens like Ramirez come in. What can you say about this man’s exceptional character in saving the life of others? Share with us your opinion.

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