He Might Not Be In the NBA, But This Guy Is All About Helping You Dunk Like “Jordan”

By Jack Day

To quote the one and only Matthew Driscoll, coach at North Florida University,

“Between the black lines, it’s about players being players, ballers make plays, dudes are dudes. That’s the way life works.”

I could not have said it better myself when talking about this video of Jordan Kilganon doing his signature dunk, “Lost & Found.” The move looks crazy hard and probably took him many tries to nail. If you check out his other videos you can see all the other insane dunks he’s come up with.

Anytime someone entertains us with their awesome feats like this one, it just gives us our own ideas and inspirations to challenge ourselves with. He may not be in the NBA, but Jordan is proof that with hard work you can do amazing things.

It takes a lot of free time, as well as determination to get this good at dunking, especially when you are only 6’1” like Jordan. Does anyone else think it is funny that his name is Jordan? Please share your thoughts and this story!

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