He Hates Wasted Food, So He Came Up With a Brilliant Idea to Get Rid Of It

By Anne Cacherell

In his initiative to fight hunger, Gates Millennium Scholar and a cum laude graduate from New York University, Robert Lee co-founded Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Inc., a non-profit organization that is committed to eliminate food waste and to provide solution to food hunger in the community by conducting food rescue operations around New York City.

Lee, being the son of Korean immigrants told CNN what inspired him to come up with such a brilliant idea:

“It was very difficult for my parents when they first came to the United States. Since an early age we were moving around a lot. It was difficult even to get food sometimes. Hunger is interesting because, at least from my personal perspective, it was not only physical, it was psychological. You don’t know where your next meal is coming from.”

Instead of just tossing the food in the trash, this group of volunteers collects leftover food from participating restaurants and delivers them to homeless shelters and food kitchens. They also provide services such as food waste consulting, excess food delivery, co-branding services and tax credit assistance. Furthermore, they recently expanded to six other cities across the United States.

Would you like to get involved in these types of community projects? Why don’t you take the initiative and start one in your area? The society definitely needs more of these campaigns. Share with us your thoughts.

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