He Has Been Tiling the Streets Of New York For Over 34 Years, Meet The Mosaic Man

By Jack Day

Street art comes in many forms. We have witnessed this in past articles I have done. I never get tired of them, and in fact wish I could get away with 3 a day. But we have to pace ourselves here and spotlight each artist one at a time. Like Mosaic Man Jim Power, life long resident of New York City and avid tiler of all things urban. For 34 years or so Power has been decorating the streets of his city from lamp posts to brick walls, to the street themselves. It’s more than just a cultural identity thing to him though, as his goal is to create a city wide project with workshops devoted to creating mosaics all over.

“It’ll be a benefit for everybody. You won’t have to make an appointment to go to the museum. You just go out and go for a walk.”

Power and his faithful companion Jesse Jane have been sleeping on the street for 11 years, meeting people, making friends, and creating art. Many of his creations serve as markers for events, time periods, and even memorials.  More important than the mosaics though, is preserving the neighborhoods and the history that thrives there.

“The village has to be protected. It’s more valuable than a piece of art.”

What do you think about Jim Power and trusty side kick Jesse Jane? Inspiring and quite touching, these two have been a team through some very tough times. Please share your thoughts and comments!

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