He Created a Way to Win Twitter Contests, Then He Realized the Potential For a Better Cause

By Anne Cacherell

Winning a contest, regardless of its scale, feels incredible. Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter where the excitement, lies but whether it’s on the prize itself or it’s just on the thought of being the “luckiest” one among all the contestants, the fact remains that you’re the winner. Meet Hunter Scott, a computer engineer from Georgia Tech who created a Twitter bot that automatically enters contests.
Putting his programming skills to good use, Scott created a Python script that logs into twitter, searches for tweets that has “retweet to win!” line and then retweets them. This creation made him win an average of 4 competitions per day, every day for about 9 months straight. His winnings include concert tickets, currency to online games and other mysterious things. Here are some of the prizes he got.
Scott’s Twitter bot, @racer236 has entered approximately 165,000 contests and won around 1,000 over the 9-month period.



On his website, he wrote, “The most valuable thing I won was a trip to New York Fashion Week, which included a limo ride to the show if you lived in a state near New York for you and a friend, and $500 spending money each, and tickets to some of the shows.”

After winning a lot of competitions, Scott realized that he could use his creation for a greater cause like spreading awareness on important issues and helping people raise money for charities.

Using your skills to make this world a better place gives you a special kind of fulfillment. Why do you think it feels good to win? Do you find this computer engineer’s idea brilliant? Tell us what’s on your mind.

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