He Asked Homeless People If They Had Something to Spare, Their Responses Are Remarkable

By Anne Cacherell

Omar Gosh, the shoeless man wearing pajamas in the video, conducted this social experiment to raise awareness about the people who live on park benches and street pavements.  He would tell homeless individuals that he’s hungry and ask them if they have something to spare him.  The responses he received were very inspiring and remarkable.

Wealth is not based on educational attainment, how much you have in your bank account and the expensive food you have on your plate.  Instead, it is leaving yourself out to be in service of the needy.  It is the overflowing compassion in your heart that makes you rich.  Sharing the only things that you have left and giving when you have nothing else to give to help other people is the highest form of humanity.

Does this short video inspired and touched your heart in some way?  What small act of kindness can you possibly share to the world today?  Let us make a difference today!

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