Forget Surprise Ball Pits, Just Live In One Like This College Student Did

By Jack Day

If you remember a week or two ago we ran a story about a praknster named Roman Atwood who had enough plastic balls delivered to his home that he turned the first floor into a giant pit of awesomeness.  Well this college student took it a step farther and decided that the joy of jumping into a ball pit should be an everyday occurrence.  David Nickel spent quite a bit of time and energy transforming his dorm room, not to mention $500 and a brush with customs officials over all the large packages he was receiving from China.  According to David though it was well worth every penny.

Did you ever do anything like this when you were in school? It seems like it would be rough to do everyday things in there, but I guess if it breeds inspiration, and of course loads of fun, what the heck right? Please share you comments and stories!   

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