For This Marine, Friendship During Combat Goes Way Beyond Another Day at the Office

By Jack Day

When a soldier is in combat, friends can be hard to come by. For Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach his closest friend Kasey was always by his side, sniffing out explosives to keep him and the rest of the soldiers safe. Kasey, of course is a bomb dog, and was assigned to work with Sgt. Gundlach while he was in Afghanistan. After the tour of duty was over, the Marine tried to adopt Kasey, but a State Fire Marshall’s office in Iowa had already done so. After some string pulling in Washington (something that we all know never happens) something awesome happened that you have to see to appreciate.

Did you ever experience a reuniting with a long lost friend like Sgt. Gundlach? It’s truly inspiring to see the strong bonds people make with animals, and the lengths that they go through to keep them in tact. Please share your stories and comments with us!

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