For Many This Player Might Just Be Bringing Water, But For Haitians He Is Giving Them Hope

By Anne Cacherell

American professional soccer player Josmer Volmy “Jozy” Altidore, whose parents are Haitian, felt devastated when an earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010. Though he was just 19 and his career was just starting, it didn’t stop him for putting up the Jozy Altidore Foundation, a non-profit organization whose main mission is to provide assistance for the underprivileged, particularly children.

One of their fundraising projects is a collaboration with Generosity Waters, which aims to bring clean water by building wells to the struggling and poverty-stricken Haiti. The first well that they have installed has helped almost 500 people in a village outside one of the country’s major cities.

“My hope for Haiti is that in the next 20-odd years, it’s a place that people go to vacation and have nothing but positive things to say about it. Wishful thinking, I know. But I’d like to get there.” he told ABC News.

No matter what you do and no matter who you are, you can definitely make a difference. In your own simple way, how can you help the underprivileged? Spread some kindness today and share with us your ideas.

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